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"Times are tight, I should cut back on my marketing budget now. Right?"


Now is the time, more than ever, to step up your marketing. If your business is slow due to the economy, throw in a lack of 'face-time' and see how your business is affected.

There are plenty of low-cost approaches to marketing your business. Sit down with us, and see what we can do with your limited budget.


Recognizing that you need a marketing plan is the right first step toward creative excellence.

We deliver to you the benefit of our experience. From what works and what doesn't, our team of marketing experts apply their collective knowledge to your project and build marketing model solutions that meet your needs and objectives.

Whether you’re an established company or a business just getting started, we deliver fresh, innovative ideas. Keeping in mind your timeline, budget and goals is one commitment. Addressing your technological capabilities and your clients’ comfort level with new and changing technology is how we take you beyond your competitors.

From the start, we sit down with you and learn about your company background, target audience, market presence and more. It may seem like an interrogation, but we consider it a vital and thorough interview, and we promise, no pain, no windowless rooms and no bright, blinding light.

See, we don’t want you just to have a marketing plan. We want you to have a “nothing-to-hide” plan that will actually work. We help existing companies create long-term growth plans and develop new product marketing campaigns. We help start-up companies formulate strong identities and teach them our “walking before you run” marketing approach.

The result of our work is a well-developed, multi-year plan of our marketing recommendations that takes your company in new directions and introduces you to new business opportunities. That’s the benefit of a marketing plan developed together with KōHN Creative.

Ready to get started? Contact us today.


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